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Lean and fast processes without waste supply chain processes as well as in office and production areas. Applying our VELOCITY-Consulting we look into the causes of waste, realize important savings and make processes faster
= improving your competitiveness
 Key elements: Analysis of processes and failures / errors
Selection of key processes
  Process elements: check for value added content
Design or redesign of processes
Implementation and Change Management
Set up of follow-up structures and actions
 Methods, tools: Proven techniques like Value Stream Maps, Brown Papers, ABC/XYZ-analysis ...
  Kaizen workshops (interdepartmental, 1-2 weeks))
  Continuous Improvement structures and processes
Functional areas: Supply chain area
  Production process
  Office and administration
Profitability guarantee: We believe in VELOCITY- Consulting. If we implement our VELOCITY-Consulting and a client does not recover the costs of our fees, we will refund the difference or we continue working for no fees until breakeven point
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