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Competitive delivery service plus cost savings

Typical assignments
 Sales and demand planning  Reduction of Working Capital
 Order entry / order confirmation  Reduction of inventories / optimization of stock strategy
 Order cycle management  Optimization of mix: make-to-order / make-to-stock
 Purchasing / procurement  Reduction of throughput times and costs
 Production planning: scheduling and sequencing  Cooperation: sales - production planning (S&Op, SIOP)
 Capacity planning  Improvement of flexibility in delivery service
 Planning and optimization of stocks  Service engineering: max. service + min. costs
 Distribution planning  Improvement of delivery reliability (outbound / inbound)
 Transport logistics  Reduction of lead times (outbound / inbound)
 Returns  KPI's for supply chain service and costs
 After sales service / Technical Support  Make or buy / outsourcing - insourcing
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