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Consulting / Implementation / Interim Management:
we support you in the appropriate way
Approach: We are goal-oriented but work also perceptively. We attach importance to change management and take - where ever possible - your people with us on the way to the (new) goal. We try to get to the point that your personnel develops the feeling: I've always been thinking that way, too.
classic We help you to put the solutions into practice. We are not those kind of consultants who know everything better, yet we ask the right questions and find the adequate solutions - together with you / your people.

While implementing, we
- are not afraid of details,
- give 'guidance' and practical hints,
- develop controlling tools,
- manage projects and much more.

Briefly, we do what is necessary to succeed
Resulting: Remuneration with success-related component:
a part of our fee depends on succes in appropriate projects: We define and agree together criteria and deliverables and volume of the variable part.
KAIZEN workshops: We implement our VELOCITY-Consulting by conducting workshops with participants from all involved departments. All participants are chosen solely for their knowledge of a certain situation or problem, and not for their status within the hierarchy.
These workshop participants (carefully monitored and moderated by us) have their share in uncovering waste problems and working out pragmatic new solutions.
  In this respect, valuable know how in your company is directed towards
s u s t a i n a b l e  solutions. Often the participants regard the implementation as 'their own' matter. They support and 'defend' it, make practical suggestions to develop it further when problems occur.

A piece of real identification with your company!
Methods, tools Depending on the subject / solution we use, the appropriate methods and tools;  sometimes we even develop new ones.
   Frequently we use Six Sigma techniques and tools, as well as checklists, simple diagrams.
Value stream maps, Brown Papers, ABC/XYZ analysis, SMED, etc...
   We don't intend to sell you a new IT program. However, we know excellent neutral IT experts who can support you, if needed.
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