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Some characteristics that distinguish us from others...
...starting with the approach: We are focussed
We are focussed on our area of expertise: Supply Chain Management, Processes, Organization / Strategy
Our clients are mainly mid-sized and major enterprises
Our view is not restricted to a specific industry
We are not limited to a specific industry - detailed industry knowledge is available in your company - yet we know and transfer 'best practices' from other industries if this adds value to your business
Customized types of support
We blend management consultancy, resulting and interim management. Together with you, we will find the most appropriate type of support by which the target can be reached best
...when it comes to performance and results: We deliver results:
If applicable, we work with success-related compensation elements.
When implementing our Velocity Consulting we even give a profitabilty guarantee
Change management approach / sustainability:
We bring your staff 'on board' so that they accept the change as 'their own change' too - which makes results sustainable even long after the end of our project.
...concerning our people: 'Hands-on' experts on international scale:
Partners at Kürschner-Consulting are 'hands-on' experts who - in their former lives - held responsible positions in different industries.
Without regional or national 'blinders'
We know how it is having consultants in the company and we know how these projects can be brought to success.
Lean structures:
Due to our own organisational form: 'partner network' we have very lean structures ourselves -
translating into price advantages for our clients
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